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You’re probably looking at this page because you’re considering reaching out for help. I understand that your struggling, and I’m glad that you’re considering doing something to change the way you feel. It can feel like there’s no way things can change but I promise you that you can feel better. Here’s some more information about me and how I can help you:

I’m an independently licensed clinical social worker (LISW-S) licensed through the State of Ohio. I’m currently in private practice in Cincinnati and have offices in West Chester and the Hyde Park area. I help individuals ages 15 through 50 who struggle with feeling guilty, not good enough, and who have been hurt by others. Some of my clients have had difficult and hurtful parents, while others have had people psychically and emotionally hurt them. Regardless of what may have happened, I empower my clients to move past what they have been through.


Benefits of working with me

I’m highly specialized. I’m not a generalist. As opposed to learning a little bit about everything, I choose to deep dive into the issues and challenges that are your struggling with, and the best treatment modalities for you to have the best outcome. Simply put, when working with me you are getting someone highly trained, and with the most up to date therapy techniques that will help you feel better.

Training. Lots and lots of training.  In addition to going through graduate school and getting licensed, I stay current on the best approaches to helping you feel happy and fulfilled in your life and relationships. I spend a significant amount of expenses and time to attend training’s and conferences so I can hone my skills and knowledge.  I also invest in my own therapy, because it’s important for me to never forget what it’s like to be sitting where you are.

I’m invested in your progress.  I work with clients who have been through a lot and are ready to start dealing with some of the pain they have.  I will be there with you.  I come to sessions prepared, but also flexible to go in whatever direction we need to take.  I will check in with you often to see how you feel therapy is going, and I welcome feedback so that I can make any changes. I’m available for you between sessions, too.


How I Can Help You Feel Better….

While everyone’s goals in therapy are different, there are some common general area’s that I work on with my clients. Here are some of the ways you can expect to feel different as we work together:

-Not thinking about things that happened in the past.

-Being able to be relaxed and carefree without worrying something bad is going to happen.

-Feeling more confident and secure about yourself, especially when around other people.

-Making friends with your inner critic and feeling good being by yourself.

-Having a positive relationship with your body.

-Feeling comfortable and open when someone compliments you.

-Having healthier relationships and friendships.



I’m Not Sure I Want To See A Male Therapist….

I value working with my female clients because I have experienced men mistreating women, and I firmly believe that every woman deserves to feel safe, respected, and valued in any type of relationship they have with a man.  I want my daughters to grow up in a world that gives them the same opportunities as men and treats them fairly and equally, and I am committed to helping create this world with my clients.

If you’re a woman, it can be different having a therapist who is a male. It’s not unusual for some of my female clients to feel apprehensive about working with a man, however many of my female clients often comment on how surprised they are that I am very different than the “typical guy” they imagined I would be. Many clients have shared that they find me to be understanding, compassionate, and someone who really listens.

While it may be different talking to a man than a woman, having a male therapist can be a healing experience and allow you to experience a safe, appropriate, and respectful connection with a man.  This is especially true if in your past you have had a man hurt you in any way.


Education and Training

I graduated with a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Cincinnati, and hold a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from Excelsior College.

I am a certified Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapist, and an approved consultant in training for helping other therapists grow in their skill of using EMDR. I am also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, which is a somatic psychotherapy focused on how our body holds onto trauma and reacts to stress. This training includes 36 days of training over a 3 year period. I also make use of my 10+ years of experience using psychodrama and the expressive arts. I firmly believe in tailoring an individualized approach that is based on your unique needs and circumstances.


Outside of counseling…

I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids, and doing family activities together. I love traveling, especially to the Western United States and all the great national parks that are out there. I also love learning about other cultures and have had awesome experiences in Japan and other parts of Asia. When I’m not traveling, I stay active by playing basketball and volleyball, and playing the occasional video game.


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Schedule your appointment now by clicking on the button below, where you’ll be able to schedule an appointment through my online calendar. You can also request a free 15 minute phone consultation with me to get a feel for how we can work together by sending me an email or texting me, or calling me at 513-400-4613.

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