Somatic experiencing

Somatic therapy is a holistic, alternative type of therapy that aims to integrate your body and mind. The goal of somatic therapy is to recognize and release the tension that has remained in the body after a trauma.

What is somatic therapy?

The word somatic comes from the Greek word “soma” which means living body.

When we go through a traumatic experience, the memory and accompanying emotions can get trapped in our body. This can happen especially when we were unable to allow our body to react in a way that allowed it to express and release intense emotions while they were happening.

For example, if you were involved in an unexpected car crash, your body may not have had a chance to prepare for the crash, resulting in lingering tension in parts of your body (such as your arms) that are supposed to protect you but didn’t have the chance to react. You may have brushed away the urge to cry or shake, and instead, reach for a drink or find a distraction.

Somatic therapy works on the idea that when we don’t react to trauma the way our body wants, these feelings essentially get “trapped” inside us.

By recognizing and releasing physical tension stored in the body, people find themselves being able to bring their nervous system back into balance. Somatic Experiencing dramatically re-defines our understanding of traumatic experiences and the recovery process.

How does somatic therapy work?

Somatic therapy works by tracking and attuning to our internal physical sensations.

In a session, you will track the sensations throughout your body, and, with my help, allow your body to feel and respond. For many, this experience is grounding, healing, and empowering.

Finding and removing barriers that keep your body from doing what it intrinsically knows how to do is the beginning of a powerful healing process.

In addition to releasing trauma stored in the body, Somatic Experiencing can help alleviate anxiety. Identifying the spots in your body where your anxiety has been living (whether it’s in your stomach, head, or throat) helps you focus on releasing it.

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